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rnj_icons's Journal

Romeo + Juliet Graphics
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Welcome to rnj_icons a graphics community for everything Romeo and Juliet related! Wether it's icons, banners, fanart - all is welcomed here!

01. Only post R+J/related icons
02. If you are taking an icon/graphic follow the makers rules to credt,etc..
03. If you are caught not following makers rules, you will be banned.
04. Don't post any graphics you did not make even if you have the maker's okay
05. If you are posting more then 3 icons, use a LJ cut
06. Anything large like banners/wallpaper, please put under a LJ cut
07. You can promote R+J communities
08. No Haters please!
09. Never hotlink any graphics
10. Don't be rude to any members


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